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Blown head gasket.... advice needed
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Mon Feb 11 2013, 09:43AM
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Went to drive my jeep the meet and greet Saturday and got insane amounts of white smoke blowing from exhaust and oil literally flowing out the tail pipe! Pulled the valve cover Saturday night and to no ones surprise there was antifreeze pooled up on top of the head Got the head pulled Sunday, the gasket actually looked like it had no problems, but will be replaced anyways. Valves on 5 of the 6 cylinders were burnt / oily / wet. Will be cleaning the head good this week, scraping gaskets and so forth. Just looking to get advice on if there is anything else i should replace or check while I've got this thing apart already. (will be replacing rings as well, might as well do it while I've got the motor torn down this far.)

The good news is there is no knocking or ticking going on, so I'm fairly certain the bottom end is holding up just fine, no gouges / scratches in the cylinder walls, other than carbon / oil buildup the valves look good.


I posted this on nc4x4 already and was told that i needed to get the head magnafluxed, do y'all agree with that? if so how much does it cost and can anyone recommend a local shop to do it.


The same poster also disagreed with the way i will be replacing the rings - pulling the oil pan, unbolting the piston from crank, pushing it up gently with a dowel rod and changing rings that way (was told to do this buy a friend who used to work at as a dealership mech. and has rebuilt a few motors. <- is that a bad idea? should i be pulling the whole motor? (its only about 25k miles into the rebuild so i didn't think i would need to do anything other than change out the rings - which I'm really just doing b/c of the convenience of doing it now while the motor is 1/2 torn down already)


Any advice will be much appreciated, thanks in advance!


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Mon Feb 11 2013, 05:08PM
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yes you needed to get the head magnafluxed

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Mon Feb 11 2013, 10:54PM

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If the engine only has 25k on the rebuild, I fail to see why you would want to replace the rings. Is there a wear lip on the top of the cylinder?

Any scoring on the cylinder walls?

I wouldn't replace engine parts until you determine why there is coolant in the valve cover. Re-ringing a cracked block is a waste of time and money if this is the the source of the coolant leak.

To find a crack in the block it would need to be magnafluxed to find and still there are times when this is hard to find still as the head would need to be as well.

any coolant in the oil pan?

The cheap way out and least amount of headache in all of this would be to drop in a known to be good used low mileage engine. Tons of those inline sixes around

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