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NC OHV Special Interest license plate support thread
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Thu Oct 29 2009, 11:26AM

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I know CA tried and failed and I'm sure other states have tried. However, I'd like to try this in NC. I don't see why the legislators would reject a "conserve NC trails" type special interest license tag. I mean really, there is a tag for a square dance club...

So, to start this off I've already called the DMV and got the info about what it takes to get this done. Basically I have to get one of our legislators to sponsor it to the other NC legislators and they must vote to approve it. Once this is done, it'll go to the NC DMV but there has to be a minimum of 300 orders before any will be issued.

These would be roughly $20 more than standard tag costs. They are also available to be personalized as well.

We haven't decided who or what will be on the tag but we are looking at something OHV related to support trails in NC (Tellico, Uwharrie, etc.) Its not much, but every little bet helps and displays your support to the general public.

I'd like to set up a meeting with my local Senate and House representatives to try to get them to introduce this for consideration. Before I go, I'd like some documented support for this.

So, I'd like to get some e-mails from people in NC that would be interested in this. People outside of NC can e-mail me their support too for some additional support.

send e-mails to: rck0203©

include: your full name, address, and phone as well as a sentence or 2 about your support. Please also include how many tags you'd be interested in. If you are sensitive about sending your contact info, at least send your full name and city/town plus zip and at least a phone or e-mail for contact. Please do include a sentence about your support for this. Without this sentence of support the e-mail is not really useful.

I have no idea how this will be received by the nc legislators, but we gotta start somewhere.

Once I get some commitment from the local legislator, we'll work on the details of what organization will receive the funding, etc.

If you've already sent me an e-mail via other forums, that is fine, no need to send a second one.

Also, if your wife, brother, sister, uncle, friends, etc. would be interested, please pass this info on to them and have them e-mail me.

Oh yeah, I will not sign you up to any e-mail lists except ones that would come directly from me concerning this issue only. So, your information will be kept confidential.

Feel free to post and discuss as well.

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Tue Nov 03 2009, 12:02AM

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22 views and zero e-mails.

No wonder Tellico closed...
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Wed Nov 04 2009, 04:52PM

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I read your initial post a while back and wanted to research a couple of things before I replied. I’ve been keeping up with land issues postings on the bronco board and I see some folks attempting some similar responses to the closures and innuendos of closures (Seems as though MOAB is under scrutiny now)

Personally I see these letter writing events to congress, attempts at public recognition of our causes, bumper stickers, etc as a waste of time and resources.

Unfortunately in this country the way things are done to establish policy is through lobbying. Those who spend the bucks get what they want

I could not find a registered lobbyist for Southern 4 wheel drive or united four-wheel drive. I did find a registered lobbyist for blue ribbon coalition

Official lobby expenditures for a few that I looked up

Sierra Club $730.000
Trout Unlimited $231,000
Blue ribbon Coalition less than $20,000

I think that pretty much explains why Tellico got closed.

By the time we (our hobby) go to court we already lost. Seems to me that political pressure achieves goals. I wonder if a few congressmen that would have gotten serious donations to their campaigns from the 4wheel drive community would the Tellico situation been any different??

I’m not knocking your attempt but I wonder if the effort will actually produce the results we are all hoping for.

No Hablos Jeep

If it doesn't make sense, do it
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Wed Nov 04 2009, 04:59PM

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This isn't a "save tellico" effort, its a save our future trails effort.

I'm only looking to help with more funding to our efforts and more public and state support.

This is not a letter writing effort. Its a meet face to face with legislators to get this approved.

Like it or not, we are loosing our trails. Why not work to establish a fund specific to NC.
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Sat Nov 28 2009, 07:28PM

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I am new to the forum but have been trecking around with the Carolina Jeepsters for awhile. I think that this is a good idea. you are right that everylittle bit helps. This is not too much different that the wildlife plates except that it is direct to our interest.

If it happens I im in. I will have one on all my vehicles...

[ Edited Sat Nov 28 2009, 07:29PM ]
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