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Gulches, Sc (as posted by old soldier)
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Tue Mar 13 2007, 01:26AM

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Just returned from 2 days of running mud at Gulches, SC OHV Park. If you like mud (I don’t) then I recommend you go to Gulches after it has rained there a couple of days. It was an AWESOME trip. For those that have not been there the elevation from the parking lot down to the river is a change of 450 feet. Every day was a challenge. We had 6 vehicles, 1-GC, 1-Cherokee, 1-TJ, 1- YJ, 1-Toyota pick-up truck, and my Ruby.

There are mud holes that I do not believe any thing on wheels can pass through. I was the best equipped vehicle and I did not even try. There is one that is near the river and Skip took 2 water pumps down to try to see how deep it was. The pumps worked furiously and they were able to drop the water level by 5 feet but could not pump it out any lower because the water from the river kept gushing up as fast as they pumped. The longest pole they had was eight ( feet and they never got to the bottom. Skip put up a “Caution” tape across it and a sign that says 8+ feet deep.

There are some rocks to climb and very steep hill climbs. It fact one is so steep that you are NOT allowed to go up it, only down. Radical Ravine begins with an extremely steep decent, almost a free fall, for 120 feet or so. Through it can not be seen, each side of the hill has deep drop offs. Once you are three-quarters on the way down and you want to make it even harrier there is a turn off to the right, which if you haven’t felt like you were going to roll over, this will. If you think it’s over at the bottom you are DEAD WRONG. You have just arrived at the entrance. Now you enter “Death Valley”.

“Cup Cake” is another one we did not even try. You enter the trail and immediately descend into the bowels of some of deepest, narrowest gulches on the property. Off camber and riding the sidewalls of your tires will be common. Body damage can be expected. There is a tree that just wants your windshield and top for lunch. With a GOOD spotter you can make it and many did.

There are other like “Ship Wreck” that we did not get to because we only rode till 1:00 PM on Sunday because we wanted to make the Jeep Monkees meeting in Florence at 4:30 PM..

Every day was a challenge and I thoroughly enjoyed my trail riding even though I HATE mud.

I remember some one wrote a year ago that a trip to Gulches was not worth the ride. Maybe that was true a year ago but certainly not now. Many trails have been added and though you will be criss crossing some it still a great place to ride after rain and the ONLY place in South Carolina.

There was a good sized group from Charlotte there also enjoying themselves

The weather was beautiful for the drive up, the 2 days riding, and the return trip on Sunday.

Again if you like MUD go to Gulches after a couple of day’s rain. This is the best marked trail system that I have ever seen in any OHV Park. There are signs every where and all the bypasses are marked etc. NO trash on the trails and that was a pleasant change. You can also camp by the river, primitive type.

I will return to Gulches


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Broad Creek
Mon Jan 21 2008, 08:51PM
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Mon Jan 21 2008, 10:26PM

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