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Hey Len
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Fri Jan 02 2009, 03:53PM

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Thinking about getting a 20 power tank

Seeing how you have one, a few questions

How long does it last between fill-ups? ie how many tire fill ups and/or use of air tools

What does it cost to fill up??

Anything else nneded in addition to there kit(regulator, hose, etc)?

Saw on their site they have blems cheaper

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Fri Jan 02 2009, 10:32PM

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Well my tank is a 15lb tank and I wish I had gotten the 10lb tank, it's much smaller. Unless you are planning on lots of trail repairs using the impact gun or re-inflating from single digits to road pressure on multiple rigs several times a trip a 10 or 15lb tank should do.
My tank will last a season-season and a half or more. I haven't filled mine up since early '07 and it still has lots of co2. The most I ever used it in a season was probably '06. We were in Tellico and had many break downs in the group one day, none of which were mine , and the tank was not full then and I didn't need to fill it up till '07. Of course if you have the only air source and there are twenty rigs in need of air and you are feeling generous, might not last that long.
I have only filled my tire back to pressure from dead flat once just to test the tank and it took around a minute or so but it has been a few years since I did that. As you may know I don't air up since I trailer my rig.
It costs me about $20-$35 dollars depending on where I go to fill it up and how empty the tank is.
As far as options go, my set up consists of the tank, regulator, hose, handle, tank boot and mounting bracket. The only other thing I want(ed) to get is/was Monster Valves. I'll probably never spring for them now though unless I need them in a different vehicle. If you are planning on running ARB's with it get their mechanical setup and ditch the electro-mechanical ARB crap, PN#'s ARB-0120 (PRV ARB/tank connection), ARB-2070 (for front and rear ARB lockers), ARB-2060 (if you only have one ARB). This is how mine is set up and it is simple and has never failed me. But if you still want to use the ARB electrical switches then you will need PN ARB-2010.

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Sun Jan 04 2009, 06:24PM

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also check out

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Highsteer/crossover steering, PSC Box
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Mon Jan 05 2009, 02:33PM

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I have 2 5lb tanks. I don't see much street time so I don't air back up much. I did 5 fillups of my 36" tsl's. 3 fillups of 33's and 2 fillups of 31's. All on one 5lb tank. All the guages are not very good due to the properties of CO2. They really don't show 1/2 or 1/4 full. That is why I have 2 5 lbers. When one is empty I got he the other one and fill it up. Like a reserve. The extra bracket cost a bunch though.


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