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Sun Mar 11 2007, 01:10AM

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• 4-wheel-drive with appropriate tires

• Factory hard top, roll bar or roll cage (depending on trail)

• Functioning brakes (check before you arrive)

• Snatch strap (loops on ends, NO metal hooks)

• Spare tire, appropriate jack, and lug wrench

• First aid kit

• Fire extinguisher, secured near driver ( A, B, C rating)

• Seat belts for all riders

• Tow hooks front and rear

• Battery bolted down ( no bungee cords)

• Legal exhaust system

• CB radio

• Working flash light

• Leather gloves

• Food and water (NO alcohol is allowed on trails for anyone)

• Tools and spare parts as appropriate

• Appropriate clothing, including for overnight

• All interior items must be tied down or secured

If you have been wheeling for some time, you’ll be experienced enough to know your vehicle’s condition and the equipment you should be carrying . Because you will be on the trails with other people who may depend on you or you may depend on them, we list the requirements for club vehicle.


• First aid kit, set up for treatment of scrapes, cuts, burns, bites, eye injuries, and any known allergies you might have

• 2 gal of drinking water for every full day expected on the trail

• Emergency thermal waterproof blanket

• Fire extinguisher with a multi-class rating or A, B, and C rating

• 2 lighters and waterproof matches, all stored in waterproof container

• Warm jacket, change of clothing for each person

• Flashlight with spare batteries and bulbs

• Tarp, a cheap easy weather cover for your vehicle or yourself. Comes in handy to work under the vehicle too.

• Energy or power bars, put a half a dozen or so in a zip lock bag, throw then in your rig and forget about them. (Until you need some quick fuel)

• Compass, Map, or GPS/Mapping GPS

• CB radio

• Multi-purpose Knife


• Pull-along or vehicle winch, a winch is the best but a pull-along will save the day too and is easier on the wallet.

• Second vehicle and a spotter, never attempt a trail alone.

• tow strap, I recommend a strap (no chains), Use a strap rated 4 times your GVW and a recommended length of 30 ‘. ( two 15' will work if done right)

• Tree strap, never put a chain on a tree. Our club does not need to leave it mark

• Shovel, you may find it necessary to get under an axle, wheel or body if stuck in mud, sand or loose gravel (good luck on rocks). Also makes a good potty hole.

• Hand tools, know what common tools are needed on your vehicle (both metric and standard).

• Suitable jack for your rig, (highlift has many different heights)

• Full size spare tire, it’s not recommended to use a spare more than 2" smaller unless you enjoy overhauling axles and transfer cases. Tire plug kit and tire airing device

• Jumper cables, 12 gauge electrical wire, mechanics wire, electrical tape, zip ties, misc. hose clamps, and of course duct tape.

• Engine oil, gear oil, auto tranny fluid, break fluid and something to catch leaks and store drained fluids (to pack them out or to reuse them)

• Spray lube, spray cleaner, Aluma seal, and a tube of silicone.

• Belts and hoses, misc nuts and bolts and other possible useful hardware

• Part numbers of custom set ups. The guy at the part store only knows what is on his computer screen. If you call and ask if a part is in stock, make sure you don’t waist a trip to town only to find out it is the wrong part. Plus it saves time which is always tight on trips


1. Air filter
- Look for dirt, if you have a reusable filter clean it

2. Battery
- Check for loose wires
- Be sure battery hold down is secure (no bungee cords)
- If battery is not sealed check water levels

3. Belts
-Check for frays, cracks, or glazing
-Check to see how much play you have
-Check pulleys for serviceability

4. Cooling system / hoses
-Hoses rot from the inside out, so if they feel mushy replace them
-Check hoses for chafing, cracks, and clamps for corrosion and security
-Check radiator; fluid levels, condition of cooling fins, cap and cap gasket for rust
-Wiggle fan to check water pump bearing

5. Fluids
-check and change as needed
-look at breather hoses, insure they are in place and correct height

6. Ignition
-look for cracks in the rotor
-check for a tight fit on the distributor shaft
-check all wires for cracks, frays, hot spots, and chafing

7. Lockers
-Engage them prior to leaving to insure everything is working properly

8. Axles
-Check for leaks, could indicate worn seals
-If you have been wheeling in deep mud/water repack bearings often

9. Brakes
-Check fluid levels, look for leaks and cracks in rubber lines
-Check brake lines for binding at full flex, and condition of pads, rotors, drums & discs
10. Clutch
-Check linkage for slop at wear points
NOTE: Try not to engage clutch if possible while in deep mud /water, dirt can get between the disc and pressure plate. This is not good

11. Differential
-Fluid level, seals, look at cover bolts to insure they can be removed if need be

12. Hubs
-Hubs can freeze if left wet and muddy between trips. It is a good idea to engage locks once in a while. Also disassemble for inspection and cleaning after hard trips

13. Wheel and Tire
-Check valve stems for wear and dry rot
-Check lug nuts for torque
-Check rim for cracks, major trail damage, and balance weights
-Check tires for bubbles, Cracks, uneven wear, and side wall damage

14. Recovery Gear
-Highlift- function check and condition
-Winch- cable and hook for condition, power connections, remote operation, mount bolts and acc. kit

15. Safety Items
-First aid kit
-fire extinguisher (properly stored)
-Ops check all lights (headlights for alignment and trail lights for condition)

79 cj-5
in the procces of being rebuilt
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